Tiny Pinhole Camera

This is a very simple yet effective pinhole camera that I came up with out of necessity. I wanted something small, tripod mountable, and very quick to make and reload.

Plastic Pinhole CameraThe lid simply snaps on and off without needing complex clip mechanisms, and the exposed film winds into a second reverse mounted film canister to stop accidentally exposing all of your film if you absentmindedly open it. It should also be noted that one full turn on the advance dial is one frame of film, so it’s intuitive and simple.

matchbox pinhole 2matchbox pinholeWhen assembling the camera be sure to file/sand the front of the camera body, shutter blade, and shutter housing smooth so that the shutter blade moves freely.Be sure to clean out the hole for the shutter pin on both the body and the shutter housing before assembling.
The knobs should all be an interference fit and simply snap together.
As for the lens, brass shimming, or the aluminium film from a Milo tin should do the trick, be sure not to make the hole too big, and smooth off the burrs off with some fine emery paper. I made an exposure chart which can be printed and stuck into the indent at the back of the camera body, there are two versions depending on what size hole you go for. This chart should be printed at 37mm x 66mm.Exposure Chart 4Exposure Chart 3I made a video showing a very quick and rough assembly which should give you the general idea, this thing is dead simple and don’t forget to enjoy the tripod screw at the bottom!

I’ll have a 120 version out in the next few weeks if anyone is interested.Plastic Pinhole 1 Plastic Pinhole 4 Plastic Pinhole 3 Plastic Pinhole 2

As always the STL Files



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