4.5 volt Polaroid Land Camera battery mod

Here are the materials required to make possibly the easiest and best land camera battery conversion ever. You will want an LED torch, an old 9 volt battery snap, a Velcro cable tie and a soldering iron. The LED torch can be gotten from ebay very cheaply, $3 with postage in my case, and comes with a triple AAA holder inside of it. You can salvage the white LED’s from the torch for another project or simply discard the rest of the torch.


This shows the original style of battery above the triple AAA holder from the LED torch. The battery snap has been cut apart using scissors to reveal its two terminal connectors. It is now only a simple matter of soldering these terminals onto the top of the triple AAA battery holder, paying close attention that the small male terminal is on the + end and the large female terminal is on the – end.


Here you can see the battery pack with the terminals soldered on. I have coated the surrounding surface of the battery pack with 2 part epoxy so as to reinforce the top of the battery back and provide insulation in the event that something should touch. That’s it folks, the easiest, and most noninvasive 4.5 volt battery modification for a land camera ever, and coming in at a material cost of $4 it wont break the bank


Here you can see the new Velcro style retaining strip as compared to the old vinyl one. I am using two small washers on either side of the Velcro strip to stop the screw head from pulling through.


The new Velcro retaining strap screwed in place. This is the only modification that you will have to make to the camera, but being screw-on and completely reversible i would hardly call it a modification.


The finished battery holder with three AAA batteries installed and terminals soldered on and epoxied.


The finished battery holder with three AAA batteries installed and terminals soldered on and epoxied.


Finished and in the camera!!! Works perfectly, the door closes, and the battery is firmly held in place.


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