80″ Land Rover Restoration – Aeroparts capstan winch

When I purchased the land rover it came with an insanely heavy milk crate full of parts. In this was an Aeroparts capstan winch which had been disassembled. Obviously this was another job for the kitchen table.

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After measuring up for new seals and reassembling the winch onto its freshly galvanized plate it was time to mount it to the car. The first part involves bolting the dog clutch and linkage assembly to the front of the engine, then installing the drive-shaft and sliding the winch into alignment resting on the bumper. Due to my chassis being from an early model I did not have the bolt points in the front of my chassis for a winch… however some M8 rivnuts and some high tensile bolts soon overcame this. it was then simply a matter of drilling through the front bumper and bolting the front of the winch plate and the fairleads down.



One thing to note is that filling the winch with EP gearbox oil will ruin the phosphor bronze worm wheel due to the sulfur-phosphorous EP additives. Thick engine oil is the safest oil to use, I found that engine oil for vintage motorcycles came in nice thick varieties.

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  1. Hey Torben.

    Have been sure to keep your projects blog close in my web feeds. Have over the months of posting been taking in all the hard work and added value you put into constructing and refurbishing various items to complete operation. I enjoy the content thoroughly. I find much to learn from your perspective and pick up lots of motivations to continue on some previous projects of my own. Your father Paul had firstly recommended your blog to me. Which i thought was great. He shares great interests in what you do. Hope things are well. And thanks for the content to date.

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