Modding a NES to have an inbuilt game genie and ISA style socket

I was getting tired of the worn zero force insertion cartridge slot never seating properly on my old NES. I also quite like using the game genie on insanely hard games like Contra to give myself more lives and such. One day with far too much time on my hands I thought that It might be a good idea to steal the cartridge connector from the Game Genie and solder it onto a simple circuit board for mounting purposes, then mount this assembly onto the pivoting cartridge mechanism. This way the NES would still feel like the genuine article as the cartridge could be pressed down. The simple mod spiraled out of control as the ribbon cable took an awful lot of soldering. Some aluminium tape was added for RF shielding, all in all a very simple yet tedious process. There is even plenty of space to fold the Game Genie back onto the motherboard, the result is a NES that automatically boots to the Game Genie.





This was just a late night proof of concept project that I rushed into without too much planning. If I were to do this project again I would use edge mounted IDC headers and make it a very tidy job, they can be bought in various sizes at Radio Shack or Jaycar quite cheaply. You would probably need to use a 36 pin and a 40 pin side by side and trim the edges of the sockets where they meet. I might actually do this if I take the NES apart again to do an RGB mod.


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