Split Cam flash modification

This shows the process of adding a flash shoe to your split cam using simple components and a minimum of effort. The first thing to do is remove the front of the split cam by removing the screws inside the film bay.

This shows the mechanics of the Split Cams shutter, as you can see the only thing stopping the shutter from overextending is the shutter housing that fits over the top of this. This means that by putting a foil terminal at the point where the shutter makes contact with the shutter housing you can trigger a flash at the exact moment that the shutter is completely open.


Here you can see the positioning of the foil inside the shutter housing. The piece of foil that you can see here is the same piece that makes contact with the shutter when a picture is taken and triggers the flash.


As you can see the foil is bent around the inside of the shutter housing onto the outside. The inside portion of the foil makes contact with the shutter when the shutter is completely open, while the outside section of foil provides a good surface to attach the wire to.


Here you see aluminium tape connecting the shutter return spring to one of the flash wires. Note how the spring rides on top of the aluminium making a good reliable contact. The wire is attached between a second piece of foil tape, no soldering required.


This shows the location and mounting of the second flash trigger wire. The foil tape bends around the edge of the shutter housing as can be seen in latter photos.


This picture shows where to feed the wires so as not to obstruct the mechanism or viewfinder.


This shows the Split Cam with the flash wires exposed, the next step will be to find a donor flash shoe of a cheap camera.


Here is the finished Split Cam with the flash shoe attached, The wires were soldered to each terminal of the shoe and the shoe attached to the camera body using epoxy glue. I also added a tripod mount to the bottom while i had the camera apart.


Here you can see the split cam in all of its glory with the flash firmly attached to the top and working perfectly every time. This is a must have mod for any split cam owner!


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